At our recent AGM and Assembly meeting in May there was a lively discussion about the level crossing in the village, and specifically the wait times being experienced there by villagers, neighbours and visitors.

Network Rail have responded to questions about this from the Parish Council stating that the crossing is working as designed, and that the wait times are due to the sensors that ensure the crossing is clear of obstructions, and the proximity of Dean station, which can extend the time the barriers are down due to the time it takes for stopping trains to get back up to speed. They do not propose to make any alterations.

We agreed at the meeting that it would be helpful to have some data on the wait times being experienced at different times of the day, and so therefore we have set up this web page to collect that information.

Please contribute by adding comments below stating your name, date and time of your wait at the crossing, plus the duration of your wait as accurate as you can manage. Also state how many trains passed and in which direction they were travelling. You can report multiple waits in one comment if you wish.

We will collect this information and present it back to Network Rail when we have sufficient data to draw some conclusions.


2 thoughts on “Railway Survey”

  1. Tuesday 18th July arĂ²und 1pm waited 14 minutes, only saw one train. This was prior to Thursdays emergency work, when no signs to say crossing closed, so had to use farm track to turn around. My biggest moan is the number of trains which stop on the line from West Dean to Romsey, waiting for the green light to proceed to the level crossing. It happens on a weekly basis yet on occasions the train from Romsey to West Dean passes the stationary train. Then of course the train revs up, very noisy and smelly. So how can Network Rail say things are working correctly.

  2. Today 9 October 2017 approached the Dean Hill Crossing at 8.59 a.m. as the barriers were coming down. Nearly 3 minutes before first train came through. In total of just over 7 minutes for second train and barrier to be lifted.

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